Coalition to Protect Competitive Markets


In 2007, Senate Bill 180, which would have replaced the secret ballot with a card check system in union organizing drives on California farms, was introduced in the California Legislature. Instead of voting by private ballot, as in all democratic elections, the union organizer would be allowed to publicly collect cards certifying a union vote, leaving the farm worker open to threats, coercion and intimidation.


Navigators Global was hired by a group of California growers to run a strategic earned media campaign to supplement the internal lobbying component aimed at killing the bill.


Navigators Global utilized proven research tactics to help define the most powerful and persuasive arguments against SB 180 and card check, and launched an internal and external communications campaign to communicate those messages to the Schwarzenegger Administration, lawmakers and their constituents. Navigators Global’s tactics included a strategically designed earned media and editorial board outreach campaign targeted at California’s top-tier publications, as well as district publications, to either apply pressure to legislators or provide cover for those already in opposition.


Through our media outreach, Navigators Global was successful in breaking through the clutter and delivering our client’s message directly to the Schwarzenegger Administration by generating earned media coverage in several targeted publications, including The Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee, The San Diego Union-Tribune and also securing the placement of an opinion editorial we crafted in The Fresno Bee.


As a result of Navigators Global’s recommended and executed strategic earned media and editorial board campaign, SB 180 was vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.