Navigators Compass is the strategic communications arm of Navigators Global.  The team behind Navigators Compass is revered for developing innovative messaging and communications plans that bolster corporate and industry reputations and win tough policy fights.


Our team has designed and implemented a multitude of notable public relations and political campaigns by focusing on identifiable target audiences, internal and external influences, and key message analysis and development. Our ability to drive long-term integrated messaging campaigns that arm clients with a powerful platform for effective communications gives Navigators Compass the expert status that our clients have come to value.


Navigators Compass is led by Phil Anderson.


Navigators Compass’s strategic communications services include:

Coalition Management

Media Training

Message Development

Website & Collateral Design

Digital Advocacy & Campaigns


Land Use

Strategic Messaging

The first vital step in any successful public affairs campaign is to define your message.


Navigators Compass excels in distilling complex public policy issues into language that resonates with key stakeholder groups.  For every campaign, we develop a core Message Bible to enforce message discipline and ensure that our clients are communicating the right messages at the appropriate times.

Crisis Communications

As advisors to some of America’s most powerful elected officials and largest companies, Navigators Compass has extensive experience with crisis communications. Our in-house experts have handled the media from the local level to the highest national level, preparing and implementing rapid-response plans that save our clients’ reputation and money. Equally as important, our principals and senior staff have faced withering questions and hot camera lights in various real-life crises.


With our superior level of knowledge and experience in crisis management, Navigators Compass knows how to develop a strategy, craft an effective message and overcome even the most hostile media to help our clients manage a crisis, protect their reputation, mitigate their liabilities and turn negatives into positives.

Initiative and Referendum Campaigns

Navigators Compass has managed and won some of the toughest, most high-profile political initiatives and referendums across the nation.


Our team has devised and executed numerous successful campaigns that focus on strategic messaging, earned media strategies, targeted paid advertising, general consulting and grassroots outreach tactics. By leading several local, statewide and national ballot initiative and referendums teams, Navigators Compass’ campaign consultants bring tested and proven campaign strategies to the table that help our political clients keep up with the ever-changing political landscape.


Our successful initiative and referendum clients include:

Home Depot – No on Measure B

No on Propositions 68 & 70 – Join Arnold; Get a Better Deal for California

Proposition 67: Stop the Phone Tax

Yes on Propositions 57 & 58 – Californians for a Balanced Budget

Yes for a Greater Miami-Dade Campaign

Issue Advertising

Navigators Compass is nationally recognized and respected as one of the top political and issue advertising firms in the nation. With more than 20 years of involvement in political advocacy advertising, Navigators Compass has rare and effective experience in communicating political issues in several mediums, including television, Internet, radio, print, outdoor and direct mail.


From conception and design to production and placement, Navigators Compass assists our political, corporate and trade association clients with promoting their issue agendas, strengthening their brands and creating emotional bonds with key stakeholders. We combine the best practices of a Madison Avenue advertising agency and a battle-tested political campaign.

Grassroots and Coalition Management

Navigators Compass excels in leading coalition and grasstops campaigns. We have an affiliated network of field operatives that reaches into every congressional district in the country. Our senior team members have a long track record of managing successful field campaigns, ensuring that members of Congress and Senators hear from key influencers and constituents in their districts and states. From driving participation at lawmaker events, to generating letters and phone calls into their offices, Navigators Compass can effectively manage any level of grassroots work.

Lobbying Support

Navigators Compass partners with various corporate lobbyists at the local, state and national levels to provide invaluable governmental relations support.


Our elite team of communications strategists has made significant impacts on public policy, regulations, laws, initiatives, referendums and government opinions.


From developing strategic messaging to planning and executing the entire strategic communications campaign, Navigators Global offers one-of-a-kind lobbying support that helps garner public support and move our clients’ issue agendas to the forefront.

Event Planning

Navigators Global has planned, executed and hosted some of Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious events. Our event planning capabilities vary in scale and encompass the tools necessary to provide high quality, reputable events.


Navigators Global’s Washington, D.C., office is an ideal space for catered receptions, table events, industry think-tank luncheons and personal dinners that are tailored specifically to the needs of each client.