Tyco International, Inc. Appropriations Ban


High-profile corporations are continually at risk from elected officials striving to enact headline grabbing legislation that causes more economic harm than good. Navigators Global was hired by Tyco, a large conglomerate whose businesses include electronic components, health care, and fire safety and security devices, to help explain to federal officials how the company has evolved into a model of corporate governance. Although Tyco reestablished itself as a reputable and principled corporation, many in Congress continued to use the company’s name as a reason for increased regulation.


Navigators Global employed traditional outreach to key Capitol Hill leaders, including those on the appropriations committees. With the development of a succinct message that engaged and educated policymakers, Navigators Global was able to effectively enhance Tyco’s congressional relationships.


Navigators Global helped prevent an unduly harsh contracting ban from being enacted. Navigators Global was able to show why such legislation would have hurt the government’s ability to have access to the latest technology and would have negatively impacted many of Tyco’s 85,000 employees in the United States.